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Hayden Panettiere for Vanity Fair
December 30, 2007, 3:29 am
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2007 was this girl’s YEAR.

What can I say other than Hayden’s spread in February’s Vanity Fair is simply incredible. The clothes, her retro hair and make-up make her look like a 1950s starlet. We at The Pop Fix predict a HUGE 2008 for this young actress. Click here for another adorable photo you won’t want to miss

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Men’s Style Guide for 2008
December 27, 2007, 5:17 am
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Women’s fashion seems ever-changing where leggings were in one day, high-waisted jeans the next, then “boyfriend” wide legged jeans the day after.

But for men, fashion seems to move at a much slower pace. Most men can be excused for wearing a suit that is out of season, or dated from the early/late 90s. Jeans from anywhere can be worn at any cut with any shirt. Sunglasses can be thrown on together with any outfit, whether it is a tortoise-colored wayfarer, or plastic aviator.

This season, the fashion industry is trying to change this. By adding subtle bright colors, or using distinct cuts, Spring of 2008 seems promising.

We all know that skinny jeans (for skinny legs only) or slim-fitted jeans, scattered patterned shirts/hoodies, Penguin Kincaid vests, cardigans, were so 2007.

What are the trends for men in 2008?? Click More


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