New York’s Mother Loves Whiteboys


Apparently slutaciousness runs in the family.

VH1’s breakout reality black troll star New York, is sharing her sloppy seconds with her own mother, Sister Patterson.


As reported by The Newbistar Blog, Sister Patterson star of Planet of the Apes has been seeing New York’s ex, Joshua Gallander a.k.a. Whiteboy from Season 1 of I Love New York, behind closed doors.


Whiteboy, who came in fourth place on the show, was spotted by many sources getting into a limo together with the demon mother during the wee hours of the morning. The two even shared a bedroom together at the Palms Hotel!

I always knew Whiteboy was gay!! I’m sure that after that one night of love, Sister Patterson turned that White boy… into a man!!


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Comment by Olive Gold

That woman really DOES look like…wow, she looks like that woman (man) from Planet of the Apes.
It’s quite interesting that you made a comparison. I never knew. But now, she does!

I love you guys.

Comment by loveorhate

I didn’t know she was dating Whiteboy. He seemed nice on the show but seemed to be hiding something in his past.

Comment by pornstarbabylon

Oh, forgot to say. Since your blog is also WordPress, place the url link of your site on your profile so it’s clickable when commenting on other blogs..

Dashboard > My Profile > Contact Info

Then click and save it.

See ya!

Comment by pornstarbabylon

How dare you insult that Ape by comparing it to
sister Patterson!
Not even on her best day could sis Patterson look at good as the ape!!
Are you guys in sane???

Comment by Jane Doe

white boy if thats ur gurl u can do way way better that ugly azz bitch sister patterson my azz that reciveing 4 head

Comment by brittney

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